What kind of designer do you need?

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Regardless of the kind of design work you’re looking for – there’s a strong chance that when you first start looking for a designer you’ll be faced with a whole stack of different types of designer or design solutions. So, first things first, lets try to simplify the range of options that will be available to you.

Design Agencies

Agencies (often known as Design Firms or Design Studios) tend to comprise of teams of designers as well as having management and admin staff.  By helping identify business objectives and building marketing strategies and resolving communication problems, agencies usually strive to work with a client company on a more long term basis. Quality of work is rarely below excellent, however it comes at a more premium price bracket.

Usually a perfect match for larger companies who require the stability, expertise and manpower available from a team of designers – but quite often a little too costly for smaller businesses who may not yet be able to budget for the kind of price tag that these services demand.

Who should use a Design Agency?
For established companies who requiring a fleet of services and solutions, the manpower and opportunities an Agency can offer be invaluable – but premium services come with a premium price tag too.

Fiverr Designer

At the other end of the scale, are Fiverr Designers. Who offer design work from as little as £5.00.

I see Fiverr as a platform that targets cheap employers who are looking to get a job done at the cheapest price available, with little to no focus on quality.

Yep, you can guess that I’m not a fan.
Firstly, I feel this model exploits designers to sell their work well below what it’s actually worth – and with a hefty commission going straight to Fiverr themselves, the designer ends up making very little from a job. The model doesn’t tend to offer a designer who would be committed to building a relationship with your business.

Secondly – remind yourself that this is a platform for people who are prepared to sell their work for just a fiver. With the best will in the world, you’re not going to get the best quality out of any designer (regardless of ability) if you’re only paying them enough to buy themselves a coffee.

Who should use a Fiverr designer?
For both a moralistic reasons and in terms of value-for-money, nobody.

Freelance Designer

A freelance designer is an individual who sells his or her services online, either under their own name or under the name of a sole-trading business.

Freelancers come in every shape and size under the sun. Some are just starting out in their careers, some are veterans who just like to work for themselves. Therefore, the price you pay for their work will reflect the years of skills, knowledge and talent they’ve acquired.

Most freelancers tend to be home-based, meaning their business overheads are low. They don’t have a team of staff to pay and they don’t have mounting premises and other business costs to factor into their pricing structure – meaning that if you shop around you can acquire a very talented designer (ahem!) at a very reasonable price.

Almost all designers will offer one-off services, where you request a job – and then pay the balance on completion. However, if you’re looking for ongoing regular work – a great (and often better value) option is to set up a retainer, where you pay an agreed monthly sum for an agreed amount of time. It ensures that your designer has always the time available for you when you need it.

In the next article, I’ll help you identify how to find the right kind of designer you’re looking for.