Happy Little Hands is an newly forming business which will teach basic sign language to babies and parents, allowing a parent to communicate with their little one before they’ve learned to talk.

Both hearing and deaf babies quickly copy the hand gestures of their parents and help them to express their thoughts and needs easily. This leads to happier, less demanding babies who can sign for what they need instead of screaming.

Working in partnership with Happy Little Hands, Bigclever has given the goal of creating a vibrant and happy brand identity has staying power with a clearly unique visual difference to the more typical ‘baby business’ brands which already resemble each other.

“With my own belief that brand individuality brings brand strength, I was super-keen to ensure that Happy Little Hands didn’t fall into the trap of looking like ‘just another baby business”…

“Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most magical & joyful times of our lives, so we’ve tried to reflect that in ourĀ  joyful colours, jubilant typeface with imagery.”

Luke Blackmore – BIGCLEVER


Happy Little Hands


May 2018

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