The Yellow Belly Brewery

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I’ve got a long-time friend called James…and by long-time I mean a ‘going back to playschool all the way through to the present day’ kinda friend.

During his uni years we didn’t see much of each other, but  when he moved back to my home town we caught up. James wanted to live his dream of brewing his own beer…but with the aim of starting out as a micro-brewer and see how things went from there.

But, he needed some help, he had a name in mind (Yellow Belly being a nickname for someone from Lincolnshire)..but he wanted inspring with some brand and product imagery. So I sat round his house one night with him and his pa and we came up with names and ideas on how we could move forward.

Sadly, the project never got as far as I’d hoped. Things went quiet…and it turned out he’d had a second child. So right now he’s busy being a dad to a couple of little yellowbellys. But, who knows….one day the brewing kit might come back out of the loft!


The Yellow Belly Brewery


July 2011 – September 2011

Work Undertaken

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Label Design
Product Imagery
Social Media